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About Us

Rush Truck Insurance Services is an independent insurance retailer established in 1980 that provides insurance solutions for fleets of five or more Class 8 commercial vehicles. The company started out in San Antonio, the transportation hub of South Texas, and has since expanded with sales representatives in Arizona, North Carolina and Nevada. Rush Truck Insurance is wholly owned by Rush Enterprises, Inc., which operates the largest network of heavy-duty truck dealerships in North America.

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A History Of Excellence
In the Transportation Industry

From its inception, Rush Truck Insurance Services has specialized in providing insurance protection for the transportation industry. Insurance has always been a core focus in the Rush Enterprises organization, tracing its history through the Rush-owned Motors Agency, one of the largest truck insurance companies of its time.

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Unique Solutions For All Your Truck Insurance Needs

Rush Truck Insurance Services has developed relationships with many of the leading truck insurance underwriters in the country and abroad, which affords us the capability to design a plan of insurance protection for clients with even the most unusual insurance needs.

Person standing in front of a truck

Dedicated Customer Service For Fleets Big and Small

Whether it is coordinating an insurance program for a small fleet or a large one, Rush Truck Insurance Services has the unique ability to match a client's needs with the right insurance underwriters. Customer service is provided by a team of dedicated employees who possess hundreds of years of insurance experience. The staff at Rush Truck Insurance stays informed on the latest products, services and developments in the world of insurance.